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About Me Who am I?

Kimberly Snyder Biography

My Story

As a collegiate swimmer at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington I got my butt kicked during daily, dull workouts that were effective but not enjoyable. Through that experience I learned how important weight training was to achieving sprinting goals in the swimming pool, but now realize how vital strengthening your muscles was to improving your quality of life and extending your life span! I currently train at the Elysian Spa and Health Club at the Waldorf Astoria, The Peninsula Hotel, and at private residences in downtown Chicago.

My Philosophy

I get is a busy beast! Work, kids, work, happy hours, book clubs, more work get in the way of exercise time. However, one can enjoy all of those life moments so much more when exercise is included as a part of your life. Yes, it is an obvious benefit to exercise to lose lbs, shrink your waistline and firm your butt...but I like to focus on how fantastic one feels and how their whole life can change. Strength training will make you feel more energetic and will reduce symptoms of stress and depression. Stronger muscles give you better joint support and lower your risk of injury. Studies have shown that resistance training significantly slows bone and muscle loss and prevents osteoporosis. I am a successful trainer because I value consistency but also vary each workout to "trick" the muscle into working at a higher level.